Art Carrillo - Artist

Artwork in print

My artwork has graced the covers of the Brooklyn & Boyle local newspaper and Joaquin Magazine.

The Brooklyn & Boyke newspaper celebrates the creative impulse and the vibrant cultural aspirations it inspires in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, City Terrace, El Sereno, Highland Park, East L.A, and other Greater East Side L.A. comunidades. A similar renaissance in performing, visual and literary arts now blooming in cities throughout South East Los Angeles County is a clear vindication of our 2008 launch as a print and online media platform for the arts: our stories matter, and they are best when we write them ourselves.

Painting on the cover is "SUPERMAN" and is in the private collection of Juan Escobedo

Joaquin Magazines mission is to provide the Latino community of California's Central Valley with an unbiased mirror of our society, to advocate civic duty and participation, to celebrate the successes and achievements of our peers, and to provide a tribune for emerging Latino leadership. 


Painting on the cover of Joaquin Magazine, "ASSIMILATION"

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