Art Carrillo - Artist

Roybal Man Of The People Exhibition 2017

ROYBAL MAN OF THE PEOPLE is a group exhibit that will run from Jan. 6th thru Jan. 30th at the Tranquilo Gallery. The exhibit is put together by Jimmy O'Balles curated by Jimmy O'Balles and Art Carrillo to pay homage to Edward Roybal.   


Edward Roybal ( February 10, 1916 – October 24, 2005 ) was a champion for civil rights and social justice, Roybal was noted as "often the spokesman for minority groups" in the City Council and "recognized leader of East Side minority groups." 

These are images from the exhibit. Exhibiting artists are: Jose Antonio Aguirre, Donna Bates, David Botello, Joe Bravo, Art Carrillo, Oscar Castillo, Rude Calderon, Roberto Delgado, Consuelo Flores, Margaret Garcia, Petal, Ignacio Gomez, Wayne Healy, Bonnie Lambert, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Leo Limon, Oscar Magallanes, Dalila Paola Mendez, Nuke, Loushana Roybal Rose, Arturo Urista, John Valadez, J. Michael Walker, Jose Lozano, Sam Pace.
Presented by EL Pueblo De Los Angeles & Lucille and Edward R. Roybal Foundation, El Tranquilo Gallery (Entrance on Olvera Street. W-19) 634 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90012






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